The Tent Gallery is for you….

Hello all

We just wanted to announce that the Tent Gallery is available to be booked for any function that you would like to use it.  Whether you are planning an arts event, fete, fair, party, wedding or whatever, we are available for all sorts of locations.  We are keen to explore unusual ideas, so if you have something in mind then please let us know.

What do you get with the Tent?
The tent is a small, three-person tent and the wall space reflects this size, but for us that is part of the fun and creative process.  We will pitch up, erect our walls, put up our sign to advertise the venue and then invigilate the exhibition.  Depending upon circumstances we are also able to offer up workshops, which will fit in with the theme of the exhibition.  We will endeavour to display the work as professionally as possible, credit exhibitors in the show and create a gallery space for the work on our blog site.

If you have any ideas or would like to discuss some options, please email Martin or David at



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