WoWo 2012 Gallery

Below is a gallery of exhibitors work for the themed exhibition ‘If I were to win a medal at camp, it would be for…’
A shameless link to the Olympics and also incorporating the camping theme we were delighted to receive over 100 entries from campers of all ages across the Wowo campsite.

As an incentive we offered prizes for all our entries, split into 3 categories:

10’s and under
11 – 18 year olds
19 years and older

At the foot of the page is a list of winners from the different categories. Apologies if any names are spelt incorrectly.

And the winners were

10’s and under category

Gold – Courtney Agate
Silver – Esme Robinson
Bronze – Gina Dowle

11 – 18 year olds category
Gold – Esme Dowling
Silver – Sarah Burbidge
Bronze – Tom Guile

19 years and older category

Gold – Janet Agate
Silver – Geraldine Fowler
Bronze – Lilly French


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