Embryonic Tent

Our Tent Gallery is a a simple three-man affair.  The first thing that we did was assemble the inner section so that we could get measurements of how big the space is.

Dave designed the logo.  Here is a rough sketch that he produced:

And we screen-printed the logo onto the tent itself:

Finally, we prepared the boards to fit into the gallery space.  These were carefully measured and then designed to be assembled within the space itself, so had a small attachment for them to be screwed onto:

And that’s about it. Obviously the size of the space will limit the work that can be produced for it, but we are interested in exploring sculpture, installation, photography etc within the confines of the tent gallery. We are also interested in the location of the gallery and where we can take it. We would also like your suggestions too, so if you have any good ideas leave a comment for us. Watch this space for information about the next exhibition in the gallery coming soon!


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