Welcome to The Tent Gallery

The Tent Gallery is the brainchild of Martin Symons & David Fowler, two artists who love getting together and going camping. In fact, they probably spend more time camping, or obsessing over camping than they do making art. Over the Summer of 2012 they decided to launch a joint initiative in the Tent Gallery.  The concept is very simple, to fit a fully functioning gallery inside the space of a 3-man tent.

Established as a small scale project essentially to keep them from being bored when they go camping, the tent works as an independent space to display work.  No-one camps inside the tent gallery!  A basic three-wall construction is used inside the gallery that can be assembled on site within the tent itself.  To create the authentic gallery experience, a number of small clip-on lights are also used that attach to the top of the gallery walls.  These can then be angled on to the work.

Set to tour in 2013, watch this space for more details.  The Tent Gallery could be coming to a location near you.

Happy Camping!


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